Rental Business Search Engine Optimization

This article will give you 10 ideas to improve your Search Engine rankings for your rental business, as well as mention some strategies to avoid. I work with many different rental businesses and all of them of course want to have excellent search engine rankings. Here are 10 things that are really going to help you out.

DON’T bother to hire SEO companies that you find on sites like or We have tried hiring 2 different top rated companies on these sites that charged around $300 for 1000 incoming links of “high quality”. The incoming links were of low quality and did not boost search engine rankings at all. We actually decided to disavow them because Google seemed to be penalizing for these low quality links.

  1. Ask all your vendors, friends, and employees for back links from their websites. The more related the website to something having to do with rentals, the better.
  2. Research and learn about SEO yourself. YOU are the best source of SEO website content. What is good SEO content? Website materials that are interesting to read about and really teach you something. SEO companies many times offer to write you articles. But what are these articles? Usually just dumb sentances are phrases put into an article blender. Things like “This product is so great and if you want to rent it come to this website. You may really like this product and want to rent it, blah blah blah.” Basically they are fake and no one would really read that stuff. Google and other search engines have become VERY SMART. Don’t try and fool them with dumb articles like that. Rather give interesting content for your website. Do you rent cars? On your website you could write about intesesting places to visit in the area you are renting cars for.
  3. Find forums related to rentals or the type of products that you are renting. Make a profile, and add to your signature a link to your website. Post interesting information to the forum, not spam. Everytime you make a post, you are adding a good related backlink from your signature to your website. How do you find these related forums? It helps to learn some special Google search operators.
  4. Add a blog to your website. There are 2 strategies that can be used for your blog. Most people chose to put their blog in a /blog/ folder. The other strategy is to make a separate domain name for your blog. Both ways will work fine. The best blogging platform for rental company SEO or any SEO for that matter is WordPress.
  5. Make a network of related websites. For example, do you do camera rentals?  Make a photography contest website “” and offer a prize for photos from your clients. Make a directory of photographers in your area and offer free listings for photographers in your area.
  6. Make related Youtube videos about your products. Think about what someone may search for on Youtube related to your products. For example, if you offer dress rentals, perhaps a video with a popular dress like “Dress Designer Review” or “Dress Designer Fashions” (substitute dress designer with the name of your dress designer and the style) and you show the dress in a video, how to match it, etc. These videos do not have to be professionally produced to be effective. Most cell phones these days shoot HD video and can be uploaded to Youtube. MAKE SURE to put a backlink to your site in the video description.
  7. Offer an affiliate program on your website. Affilaite programs are where you offer a certain percent commission to people that link to your website and people buy through that link. These incoming links will really help you boost your search engine rankings.
  8. Offer free resources for your website users. Sometimes it may be good to post this related content to another domain name if you have enough (see tip #5). For example, do you rent baby products? Perhaps you could offer a free ebook of all the places and services that mothers or fathers may be interested in the place you rent products in (Zoos, Babysitters, Kid Friendly Restaurantes, etc.).
  9. Research your competitors search engine strategies to get some ideas. Pur the keyworks into google, take note of the top rankings, then put these as your competitors into the Moz competitor research tool (See our companion article on Rental Business Resources -> Moz).
  10. Don’t ignore local search. Many times people will type in “Car rental atlanta” or “tuxedo rental los angeles”. These search terms are much easier to rank for then say “car rental” obviously. How can you rank well for these search terms? Make pages on your site dedicated to them like a page with the title “Car Rental Atlanta” and some content there. But also what will help even more than this is a Google Places, Local page‎ , Bing place and a Yelp local page for your business.

This page is contributed by Kevin Javitz @ Rental Booking Software