Rental Business SEO Tip of the Day – Keep An Evernote Journal

So you are browsing the net, tons of seo sites and marketing sites and you see all these great ideas. Then what happens? A day or two later, you forget all of these ideas and start browsing the net again to find more ideas. So here’s what you need to do: Use Evernote, or even a simple Word document and copy/paste all the good ideas you find so you can […]

Rental Business SEO Tip of the day – Make A Feedly Blog Aggregator

Have you ever been doing marketing & seo research and started to find it annoying to try and keep on top of 6 – 12 different websites for marketing & seo news, or rental news? That’s why you need to use Feedly (or similar) blog / rss aggregator. It will “suck” up all the content from multiple sites and show it in an easy to read page – no more […]

Why Should I Have To Learn About SEO For My Rental Business?

So why should you have to learn about SEO, and not quickly pay someone else to do your SEO for you? That’s an excellent question. After all learning about SEO may seem VERY BORING. But here is the thing – if you don’t learn yourself what SEO is and how it works, you will probably be taken advantage of by unscrupulous SEO companies. SEO companies are basically the used car […]