Rental Business SEO Tip of the Day – Keep An Evernote Journal

So you are browsing the net, tons of seo sites and marketing sites and you see all these great ideas. Then what happens? A day or two later, you forget all of these ideas and start browsing the net again to find more ideas.


So here’s what you need to do: Use Evernote, or even a simple Word document and copy/paste all the good ideas you find so you can take action on them! Evernote is a great way to keep all your notes about your SEO plans, and notes about anything. Here is a screenshot of one of our Evernotes:

Evernote SEO Rental Post

A Screenshot of An Evernote Notebook With Our Random SEO & Marketing Ideas So We Don’t Forget Them!


As you can see it’s just copy/paste text from websites, seo ideas, and thoughts on marketing. You can download Evernote¬† and install it to any device you have (windows, mac, iOS, Android). It has great sync features, reminders, sharing notes, etc. Much better than keeping tons of Google Docs or Word files with notes on them.

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