Rental Business SEO Web Tools & Books

Web Tools

  1. Google Keyword Research you’ll need to make a free Google Adwords account, then go to tools > keyword planner – research different keyworks and how many searches there are per month for each. As always in SEO – you’ll want to start off with easier to optimize “long-tail” keywords meaning keywords that are longer search phrases. A phrase like “canon a100 rental camera” will obviously be easier to rank for than “rental camera”.

  2.  Moz is one of the top web tools for doing search engine optimization and research. Their membership fee is $99/month. We recommend using this tool as it has very helpful features. One of the things you’ll want to do first is use the open site explorer to see who is linking to your competitors, and if you can get links from the same sources.
  3. make sure to get a Google Webmaster Tools account. Here you can view search queries, who is linking to you, and get any urgent notifications about your website from Google.
  4. create a free google analytics account. Here you’ll be able to track in real time who is on your site, where they came from, what keywords they used, and so forth. Also you’ll want to setup a few website goals like when a customer purchases or rents your product so you can see which keywords are converting.
  5. This may not be a SEO tool per say, but it is very useful. Why? Well you can see where your web traffic is from, and track them as they navigate your site. Then you can also initiate chats with them and find out information about how your web visitors are finding you.



We’ve boughten a bunch of SEO books and read them to find which are the best. Here is a list of our favorites:

  1. Again one of the best free books/pdfs is by Moz. this is where we would start out learning about how SEO works.
  2. The Art of SEO: This is pretty much the all-in-one SEO book and you probably won’t need another. We really like the professional advice it gives. Note: you can save quite a bit by buying the Kindle edition over the print one.
  3. Quicksprout has a nice learning series of articles, and their PRO we have purchased and the content was pretty good for the price.