Yahoo,, BOTW Directories Are They Worth It?

Yahoo,, BOTW Directories Are They Worth It?

I’ve done research and was never sure, so what’s the best way to find out? Well make a new blank domain name that has no page rank, add a few pages that target some keywords, and see where you rank. Then buy the $299 listings for these sites.

You will get virtually no traffic from directories, only page rank boost

So what was our result? Yes there did seem to be a visible increase in rankings after purchasing these listings. only has a PR 6 so there fee is a bit high in our opinion. We also purchased a Joe-Ant listing which is also a PR 6 but much cheaper. Our feeling overall is that directories are worth it especially if you are going to be spending $300 – $600 a month on adwords. It’s best to get the “Easy” page rank boosts that you can, then work to the harder ones.

Of course Dmoz directory is free, but we have submitted 3 times and so far no luck getting in there. People say that this directory has many competitors that will not approve listings. We will continue to try monthly to get in this directory.

Consider a BBB membership – Google gives good boost for verified BBB sites